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Social, Community & ESG

We have the qualifications and experience to help you with delivery of a project-specific social impact assessment through to creating an ESG strategy.

We can help you with:

Social Impact Assessment, Community Consultation & Communications

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

As communities look to hold enterprises accountable to higher operating standards and actively seek evidence of ESG commitment and activity, we can support clients to be successful in this endeavour.

At Element, we have created the following ESG road map to guide clients on a suitable approach.

ESG in Context

ESG in Practice

Assurance and Disclosure

Reputation Building

We will support you through the integration of sustainability messaging and content across your website, digital media networks and broader corporate communications channels.

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Are you looking for quality advice and consulting services ranging from social performance to ESG?

Get in touch with Erin Bourne, Executive Director of CSR, Social Performance and ESG, on 0413 332 148 or via email.

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